What Events You Should Visit in Yerevan in June 2019

Time to celebrate the most delightful season in the year. As you ponder over what city you should visit during this time, we recommend sunny and hospitable Yerevan. Besides all the interesting museums and sights, you should probably want some drive, culture and diversity. Yerevan is full of such kind of events. Hereby, we introduce the events worth participating.

1. Tunel Festival

Yerevan is getting popular for its music festivals: electronic, rock, classic music, whatever you want. Among the noted ones is Tunel festival, which is an international urban art festival, held in one of the most unique public areas: in the Kond pedestrian tunnel. Over the years it has been a place that has accumulated various sub-cultural social layers and is still a favorite. The one-day festival, featuring international and local artists will give novelties and new names of artists, among them graphic artists and electronic musicians from Italy, Germany, England and Armenia. On that day, participants will have the opportunity to witness the performative creative process by artists and enjoy electronic music which is part of urban culture.

2. Metal Attack

Metal Attack in an annual metal music festival that returns in 2019. And as it has been for the last years, it is going to span across two days and consist of 10 bands. This year they have quite an international line-up with bands coming from Russia, Germany, Georgia, Iran, Canada and, for sure, Armenia. You can get ready for a pit in Bak75. The event will take place in June 7-8.

3. Yerevan Color Festival

In June you can take part in a vivid and colorful event for all of this time. People gather to have a run, splash colors and just have fun. The event is on June 8, starting from Mashtots avenue, the main street, and will last for one day. In the end, several DJs will try to make the day more colorful.

4. Local Producers of Armenia Exhibition-sale

On June 9 you can participate in an exhibition and purchase the items of Armenian artists. The event is planned to be at the North Avenue and will host an outdoor exhibition and sale of handicrafts, souvenirs at the local manufacturers. There is no need to buy a ticket, just the goods that interest you and will remind you of the time in Yerevan.

5. HoReCa Expo

HoReCa sector is one of the main incentives for tourism development and promotion of the exhibition’s main objective is to ensure tourism in Artsakh and Armenia, as it is considered a major milestone in the country’s progress. Do not miss the event which will take place on June 21-23, in K. Demirtchyan’s Sports Complex.

There are so many places to visit and enjoy your time in Yerevan. As you wonder where you can stay in the city, we offer to pick Picnic Hotel, situated in the heart of the city.