What You Should See in Yerevan in 5 Days

Steady absence of time is maybe one of the principle issues of tourists while visiting a new spot. Frequently, even excursions to the sights, you need to get ready for an extremely brief period. Consider the possibility that you intend to go to the capital of Armenia and need to execute a brief program for visiting sights and fascinating spots within just 5 days. All things considered, this period will be sufficiently short in term of visiting places and getting to know nearby exhibition halls and landmarks, delicious Armenian food and even go on around country trip.


Why Choose Yerevan?

Yerevan is one of the most established cities in the world, with over 2,800 years of history. It is not a surprise that there are numerous historic and noted landmarks in this city. Even some of them have been incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. Archeological things, interesting structures and churches, just as excellent medieval places of worship – this can be found beside the cutting-edge portions of the focal point of the Armenian capital.


Visit Diverse Museums

5 days, obviously, isn’t sufficient to visit every one of the museums and landmarks of Yerevan, in any case, you can pick what is fascinating for you above all else from the grouping of the proposed outings. Among the most significant galleries in the capital, you can make reference to the National Historical Museum, which incorporates in excess of 400,000 displays, the Genocide Museum, situated on a ridge with the eponymous commemoration complex, the Museum of Modern Art with, the Matenadaran, a store of one of a kind old original copies, books and records. An intriguing spot to visit is the Erebuni Archeological Museum, situated on the unearthings of the Erebuni Fortress, which is viewed as the “progenitor” of present-day Yerevan.



Taste Armenian Cuisine

The national Armenian cuisine, probably, can properly be known as an undeniable delicious and greasy. An enormous list of Armenian and Caucasian dishes will be offered to you for all intents and purposes in any eatery in Yerevan. Visit one of the numerous restaurants, such as Caucasus, Genatsvale, Dolmama, Vostan, and so forth. You can visit cafés, situated in the focal point of the city, and completely appreciate the rich taste and fragrance! Different Yerevan clubs can offer a fascinating and important side interest. Among the most well-known are the jazz club Malkhas, the music clubs Mezzo, Kami, the wine street Saryan where you can find In vino, Tapastan, Voskevaz, as well as the multi-profile club The Club, the young top choice Poligraf, The Basement, the only photo-book library in the region named Mirzoyan Library.



See Interesting Spots in Yerevan and the Surrounding

Within your 5-day trip, you can go on a touring visit in Yerevan with a guide. Such a trip will enable you to see the most delightful and intriguing spots of the city, including the Republic Square, Northern Avenue, Cascade, and so forth. You can discover certainties about the historical backdrop of every one of them. A portion of the significant spots and attractions are found close to Yerevan. So even with the briefest program, you can see the only pagan Garni temple built in the 1st century, the Geghard monastery, the remnants of the “heavenly holy messengers of God” Zvartnots or visit Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral, built in the 3rd century.

Even in the limited time of 5 days you can discover Yerevan, one of the oldest cities in the world, find the post-soviet buildings, ancient cathedrals and landmarks. Enjoy your time in the sunny Yerevan.