Top 7 things to do in Armenia in winter

Although Armenia is considered to be a land of sun and summer is the main season for tourism, winter has its own charm and beauty in our country.  Picnic selected 7 must do things that will make your winter stay in Armenia even more unforgettable.


1. Visit Tsaghkadzor ski resort

Tsaghkadzor is one of the most popular health resorts in Armenia. Surrounded with alpine meadows, this cozy town is situated on the southeastern slope of picturesque Mount Teghenis. There were initially 3 consecutive lifts stretching from the foot of the mountain at a height of 1969 meters above sea level up till the mountain peak at 2819 meters high, from where opens a stunning view of both Mount Ararat  and Lake Sevan. The resort is fully developed for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

The skiing season in Tsaghkadzor normally starts in mid December and stretches well into March with the top slopes often fit for skiing in April.

Besides skiing, there are also other excellent options for entertainment: bars, saunas, discos, restaurants, exciting excursion programs.




2. Taste Armenian Khash

If you are fond of trying something special and exotic, then you should taste one of the tastiest Armenian dishes: Khash or “The Armenian Winter Soup”. It is a seasonal food, that Armenians eat only on the cold months of the year. This special soup has not only interesting tradition of preparation, but also a unique way of eating. This winter soup is mostly eaten early in the morning, preferably in a cold place, for example in the mountains. Khash is mainly made of lamb or beef feet cooked overnight in water and is served with crumbled dried lavash, garlic and vodka.



3. Go to Yerevan Christmas Market

Opened in 2012 in the centre of Armenian capital, on the most luxurious pedestrian street of the city, the Christmas Market in Yerevan let the visitors feel the spirit of the mixture of European and Armenian Christmas traditions. The market originally consisted of 16 wooden cabins built for the first time in the whole Caucasus region and Far Eastern Europe. This year the market will have 46 chalets with different things for sale such as handmade Christmas gifts, sausages, chocolates, organic soap, Armenian wine, etc.




4. Ice-Skating

One of the best experiences one can take away from winter in our amazing capital is ice-skating. Indoor and outdoor ice rinks are perfect spots not only for professional figure skaters, but also for the beginners and especially for children. The most popular outdoor ice rink is Swan Lake – artificial lake, situated near Opera and Ballet theatre. The second famous skating rink is Karen Demirchyan’s Sports and Complex center: the biggest closed rink that is situated inside the building of Sports Complex.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the most favorite winter leisure activity for the locals and tourists!





5. Winter Park: the small Lapland in Armenia

If you want to feel yourself in a fairy-tale, then you should visit the charming winter park, which is a small Lapland in Armenia and exists already for four years. The Winter Park gives the visitors an opportunity to participate in interactive, contemporary theatre games, organized in the thematic houses situated in the park. The area of the park includes an ice-bar, café, Santa’s Post office, Ice slides, Elf School, Trolls’ House, Miss Claus’ Pies, and Northern Deer.

Here is also the biggest outdoor skating area in Yerevan with 1800 square meters. The experienced trainers will help the beginners to enjoy the pleasure of skiing.




6. Enjoy Goran Bregovich’s concert on New Year’s Eve

One of the most exciting ways of welcoming New Year in Yerevan is becoming a part of the joyful mess in the heart of the city: Republic Square. This year renowned Bosnian musician Goran Bregović will give a live concert on New Year’s Eve. This amazing event will be a pleasure not only for the residents of the city and fans of the famous artist, but also for the visitors from all around the world!



7. Participate in Yerevan New Year Run

And after all if you want to have some fun, just put on a Santa costume and take part in an annual New Year fun run organized by Arm Marathon Foundation, Yerevan City Administration, TriClub multisport club. Besides having fun the main aim of this event is to support charity projects and promote healthy lifestyle in Armenia. All the runners get Santa outfits for the run. In case you don’t want to run, just take a look at this amazing sight of hundreds of running Santas!