5 cool spots in Yerevan for crayfish lovers

If you have visited Yerevan and have not tried Sevan crayfish, that means all your journey has been in vain. In this article Picnic will discover 5 cool spots for crayfish lovers.

Those, who had the chance to taste crayfish, tell with delight about their refined taste. The ancient Romans, for example, considered crayfish to be delicacies, whereas in the Middle Ages this food was accessible only for aristocracy and was unattainable for the commoners. Nowadays no gourmet in the world would be against tasting them.


Armenians are not exceptions, too. Gathering together and eating boiled crayfish by the lake Sevan is becoming a trend in Armenia.

Also, the volume of the crayfish exported from the Republic of Armenia has been significantly increased in recent years. Armenian crayfish is of good quality-price ratio and competitable not only in the region but also in all around Europe, so by the export volume Armenia continues to be in leading positions.


Interesting facts about crayfish

In medieval France the crayfish was called cardinalisee and considered to be a delicacy, after which this meal began to spread throughout Europe.

Crayfish is a popular dish in Sweden and Finland, and is by tradition primarily consumed at a crayfish party, called Kräftskiva, during the fishing season in August.

Russian fascination with crayfish goes back quite far and generates considerable lore. One of the first printed recipes for Olivier salad, appearing in 1894, included 25 types of crayfish.



The best crayfish in Yerevan: 5 restaurants recommended by Picnic

Meanwhile Picnic has prepared a list of 5 establishments in Yerevan, where the guests of our capital can taste the best crayfish in the city at a very favorable price.




Antarayin dzayner

Address: Komitas 28

Tel.: +374 10 27 88 14



Vienna Ribs

Address: Martiros Saryan 24

Tel.: +374 60 53 00 07



Don Fish

Address: Vagharsh Vagharshyan 11

Tel.: +374 10 32-05-00   +374 99 05-30-50




Address:  Alek Manukyan 2/2;  Moskovyan 33а

Tel.: +374 96 800800



Beer Academy

Address: Moskovyan 8

Tel.: + 374 60 504 504