What Alcoholic Beverages are Worth Trying in Armenia?

Armenians are noted for their hospitality and cheerfulness. They respect their traditions, give great importance to families as well as to Christian religion. Like an enchanting dreamland with an assortment of astounding natural wealth, Armenia is rich in beverages!

It is a great idea to explore Armenia and its rich dishes and beverages. On the off chance that you are a craftsman or an admirer of old engineering; a gourmet who adores great nourishment and beverages; a photographer who is searching for commendable scenes for his perfect works of art – you should definitely come to Armenia! Here you will discover everything: the formidable friendliness of people, the excellence of nature, and one of a kind mixed beverage that can be tasted mainly in Armenia.


What drinks should you try in Armenia?


Armenian Wine

There is a historical proof that winemaking in Armenia has over 4,000 years of experience. Today, about 600 assortments of grapes are developed in the incredible Ararat valley. Winemaking has become part of the culture. The climatic zone benefits the process as well. Due to that Armenians make a bundle of mixed beverage, which fascinates the entire world!

More than three hundred radiant days a year, the berries totally mature, and magnificent instances of grapes are collected. The accumulation of wine in Armenia differs from solid and light semi-sweet and “sherry” beverages to muscats, and so forth.


Armenian Brandy

Talking about Armenia, it is impossible not to mention the amazing alcoholic refreshment of the country. To be honest, it ought to be noticed that the popular beverage got official consent to be designated “cognac” as far back as in 1900. Today, six assortments of grapes are developed in the land of Armenia for the assembling of His Majesty cognac. A standout amongst the most acclaimed and cherished manifestations, obviously, is the amazing “Ararat”, which has become a legend.


Homemade Vodka

Homemade vodka, known in Armenian as Tti oghi, a beverage from matured mulberry juice with quality from 40% to 80%, is viewed as one of the prides in Armenia. In any case, there is another surprising delegate from the group of mixed refreshments in the nation – apricot. This is a 44% liquor item produced using apricots that grow in the Ararat valley. As indicated by the generation innovation, the beverage is like brandy.

Whenever you come to visit Armenia, make sure to try one or all of these beverages and purchase a bottle to treat your friends. Enjoy your time in Armenia!