Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort. Resorts in Armenia

Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort. Resorts in Armenia

The beautiful city of Tsakhkadzor, which is called the Valley of Flowers is one of the most famous and hospitable place throughout Armenia. The incredible beauty of the mountainous will surprise every guest. Tsaghkadzor is just 50 kilometers north of Yerevan. This fabulous city is surrounded by lively and beautiful forests. All the people work with travelers.

You will be impressed by the climate in Tsakhkadzor, the air is incredibly clean. Also, the climate has healthy properties, and it is all thanks to forests and meadows.. You can visit the resort at any time of the year.

Unconditionally, Tsaghkadzor is the best winter resort in the whole region. Winter here is very nice and beautiful, and the number of sunny days reaches 270. The ski season lasts from mid-November to mid-April. In January temperature is about -3C. It is here that you can feel like a real skier. And between skating, you can enjoy tea and Armenian mountain air on a mountain top.

In 2004 was built chairlift, 4.5 km long and thanks to the construction,  this resort has become more popular and famous. Also, skiers and snowboarders can take advantage of an instructor. There are trails  for beginners as well as for amateurs and professionals. On the territory of cableway you will find sports equipment rental, coffee, tea.

In Tsakhkadzor you will find a wonderful monastery Kecharis, which consists of four churches and two hours. The main church of the Gregory was built in 1013.