The idea to take a tent on lease is the simple stock of genius. Some provident people want to get their own hiking outfit for all occasions, but is it Solomon’s judgment in today’s life conditions? Today everybody has an opportunity to rent a tent on in Armenia inexpensive and many problems, connected with organization of outdoor recreation, fall out automatically.

A new tent costs quite expensive and in addition most of the time is on the shelf and just takes the place in the house? Take a tent on lease: in such way you will save your money and the place in the house. You have doubts, that you can make a right choice on the first try and you cannot return the used purchase? We will advice you the optimal variant and if it will not suit to you, you always can change your decision.

We have a great choice of tents in our rental office: from start with double-tents to finish with commodious pavilions. Here you can find many types of touristic tents: pedestrian, mountain, cycle tents – with very attractive prices!

Whatever you plan: trek in a nature, bicycle expeditions or trip in a car – the worries of searching a tent on lease must not darken your vacations.