Pillows, blankets

Pillows and blankets for lease

To make your overnight open air rest in Armenia pleasant and comfortable, do not forget to take your major bedding – pillows and blankets. And in order to keep your personal belongings safe, not to be smelled by the smoke of fire, damp or soiled, we advise you to take pillows and blankets for lease.

A pillow would seem to be some trifle. In voyage it could be replaced by a bundle of clothes or camping mat. Yes, you may also be dispensed with blankets if the sleeping bag is thick enough. But it was not there! Seasoned tourists certainly confirm the following thought: pillow and blanket are never superfluous in the open air.

You will not take with yourself your personal bedding disposed to a risk of its uncleanliness and not freshness! And that is right. Therefore, we provide pillows and blankets for lease in Armenia: comfortable and warm, good and inexpensive!

You may be sure that everything you need for a healthy sleep in the open air is thoroughly cleaned, regularly aired and dried. We care about your comfort and safety and guarantee that the blankets and pillows taken for lease from us will allow you to spend time outdoors with benefit and pleasure!