Bicycle rental in Armenia is a comfortable and reasonable service, which is timely as for the inhabitants of big cities with its huge traffic jams and habitual hurry, as also for rural people. Such bicycle rental release two-wheel transport followers from many worries. Expensive purchase, parking and maintenance problems, regular servicing needs – all this difficulties can be forgotten!

Now you can rent a bicycle to make trips on business, fresh air and exercise or for whole nature expeditions in Armenia. And you decide yourself, how many bicycles do you need for, what technical features must have the bicycle, how long will you use it.

The bicycle rental price depends on the chosen model and a period of use. But in any case it guarantees you significant savings in comparison with the buying of “two-wheeled horse”.
And what for to buy a bicycle, when you can rent it! This seasonal mode of transport is often in need of repair, parts replacement, wheel pumping. New models take the place of earlier models of bicycles. To keep up with the bicycle mode is difficult. But in our bicycle park you can always find the latest models of bicycles – clean, in good repair and always ready to start out.