Bicycle rental in Armenia is a comfortable and reasonable service, which is timely as for the inhabitants of big cities with its huge traffic jams and habitual hurry, as also for rural people. Such bicycle rental release two-wheel transport followers from many worries. Expensive purchase, parking and maintenance problems, regular servicing needs – all this difficulties can be forgotten! Read more

5000 AMD


The idea to take a tent on lease is the simple stock of genius. Some provident people want to get their own hiking outfit for all occasions, but is it Solomon’s judgment in today’s life conditions? Today everybody has an opportunity to rent a tent on in Armenia inexpensive and many problems, connected with organization of outdoor recreation, fall out automatically. Read more

4000 AMD

 Sleeping Bags

Are you planning long-expected trip to nature with your family? Are you going on camping? Or perhaps are you preparing a little romantic trip for your beloved? Opportunity to rent sleeping bags in Armenia makes it easy to solve the problem of comfortable overnight stay outdoor and at the same time to save money to the maximum. Read more

4000 AMD

Stove (gas-charged)

That is the reason why we recommend you to take a handy portable gas cylinder to your hiking trip. It will let you easily boil water in your kettle, cook deliciously smelling fish soup or any other camping food. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying your own big gas cylinder – we offer you to rent this great facility! Read more

2000 AMD

Pillows, blankets

Pillows and blankets for lease
To make your overnight open air rest in Armenia pleasant and comfortable, do not forget to take your major bedding – pillows and blankets. And in order to keep your personal belongings safe, not to be smelled by the smoke of fire, damp or soiled, we advise you to take pillows and blankets for lease. Read more
1000 AMD

Tables and Chairs

What is the main thing when it comes to a perfect picnic or hiking trip? Sunny and warm weather, of course, as well as a great company and delicious food! But another main thing is an opportunity to organize this event fast and almost effortless. Here one will see a rent of portable picnic tables and chairs as a versatile solution that will free you from extra actions and expenditures.
Your group trip out of your city or town may have a different scale. A planned number of its participants often changes getting bigger. As a result, you have to think how to provide a seat for everyone at your table. And it is even more difficult, if you are going to buy picnic furniture, rather than rent it for your trip. It will cost you a lot! Read more
1000 AMD


An idea to rent a torch, but not to buy it to the tourists – beginners can come not at once. However,why should we get things which we don’t use every day? The fashion to “gracious living” has left irrevocably, the cases choked up with household “wealth”, mezzanines and balconies are certain not on trend today. Read more

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