Picnic recommends: Best places to visit in Yerevan

Whether you’re visiting Yerevan for a vacation or a business, it’s always good to know all the coolest places and neighborhoods. This small city has a lot to offer, you can go and explore everything from the busy area of downtown Yerevan to the suburbs that are not very famous for tourists but are interesting and beautiful. We at Picnic asked our employees to tell us which parts of Yerevan do they like and can recommend to travelers and tourists. Our list includes both famous tourist spots, museums, streets, cafes, parks and everything that will give you authentic Yerevanian experience.



Dancing Fountains of the Republic Square

Located in the heart of Yerevan, in the Republic Square, these fountains attract not only guests but also locals. It’s pleasant to go there in evenings especially after hot summer days. The performance starts at 9pm or 10pm and lasts until 11pm. The program includes different genres of music – classic, rock, jazz, pop.  Fountains, water stream and colors change according to the rhythm of music, they are in harmony.

The place and the show are absolutely amazing and worth to be visited. One can enjoy the place, the atmosphere, the show. It’s one of the favorite places of tourists and locals, so it’s always crowded and, thus, alive. But, in spite of this, one can sit, enjoy and feel peaceful and relaxed here.

Jenya, Front Office Administrator





Cascade Complex

There many nice and cozy places in Yerevan worth seeing. As for me one of the most beautiful and attractive place in Yerevan is Cascade Complex. The spectacular view from the top of Cascade Complex is one of many reasons why people are attracted to this place. It’s one of the most important parts of our small city and missing this place means missing the monument of the main architect of all Yerevan – Alexander Tamanyan, Cafesjian Center for Arts and various abstract sculptures and monuments. The exterior of Cascade, in addition to stairs has multiple levels with fountains and sculptures. The stairs afford walkers unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat. Besides all there are many nice cafes, wine bars and restaurants nearby. There are outdoor concerts with a great view from up on the Cascade staircase. Cafesjian has events like Jazz concerts, classical guitar, and much more. It’s also great place full of night life.

Hasmik, Front Office Administrator





Mirzoyan Library

Perhaps you know that Yerevan is well known for the great many restaurants, cafes and places of attraction it offers. Among this great variety Mirzoyan Library is the one that stands out. What I like best is its location and design. It is located in a hidden courtyard in one of Yerevan’s historic streets where the spirit of old Yerevan still can be felt. This place seems to be a combination of a library, gallery and cafe with very unique atmosphere. Having a drink in its wooden balcony in typical Caucasian style is what makes me feel the flavor of my old city.

Margarita, Tour Manager





Sergey Paradjanov Museum

One of my favorite places in Yerevan is Sergey Paradjanov Museum, this is another place that you can truly feel the spirit of Yerevan, as the outstanding and talented people are the ones who create the face of a city and the country. This museum is a tribute to one of the greatest figures of 20th century world cinema. Sergey Paradjanov is one of the most extraordinary Armenian artists known around the world, and surely no journey to Yerevan can be complete without visiting his museum. The phenomenal world of astonishing installations, collages, assemblages, drawings, dolls, and hats are waiting for you in this little corner of Yerevan.

Christine, Front Office Administrator





Park near “Hayastan” Cinema

Among all of the famous places in Yerevan I’ll suggest a place where the locals go, because the city is not only well known touristic spots. There is a new park next to “Hayastan” Cinema, and the first thing I like here is the nature, the trees are very close to each other and it seems like you’re in a forest. I always come here to read books or just stroll around the park. There are also cafes, ice-cream shops, a playground, attractions and most importantly nice colorful fountains, which are amazing especially at night. The park is not very close to city center, but I suggest to diversify you visit and come here for a walk.

Gayane, Front Office Manager