Armenia is a small country with big mountains, rich history and unique traditions. It has a lot to offer and people who travel the most, already know the best spots that are not to be missed. Last time we asked our employees for their favorite places in capital Yerevan. This time the co-founder of Picnic – Artashes tells us which places he prefers the most. Here are top 5 best places to go and coolest things to do in Armenia according to him.


1 bezoar goat

Watch Bezoar Goats in Shatin, Vayots Dzor

In 2015 the governments of Armenia and Norway, together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) created a special observation point for people to come and look at Bezoar goats in Shatin village of Vayots Dzor province. This species of wild mountain goats are listed in IUCN Red List of Threatened Species since 1996. They are considered the ancestors of domestic goats. You can see 30-80 goats at once. This is a great place for the travelers who love nature, wildlife and breathtaking views.



2 byurakan


Gaze at the stars at Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory

Being located on the beautiful southern slope of the mountain Aragats, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) is an amazing place for people of all ages to discover the secrets of the universe.

If you are dreaming about going to outer space, then a trip to BAO is a must. It was founded in 1946 by famous Soviet Armenian scientist Victor Ambartsumian, who was also one of the founders of theoretical astrophysics.

Don’t miss the chance to observe the planets or examine the moon with the telescopes at light and gaze at the magical starry sky at night.



3 parajanov

Visit Sergey Parajanov’s Museum

The Museum of Sergey Parajanov is located in the capital city Yerevan and is a tribute to one of the greatest figures of 20th century world cinema.

The museum was opened a year after his death – in 1991. Nearly 1600 personal items are kept inside: film sketches, drawings, collages, hats, dolls, gifts by his friends and other private things. This is an ideal place for any art-lover who wants to feel the true spirit of Parajanov.



4 wishup

Spend a night in a tent at Wishup shore in Sevan

Looking for a perfect beach getaway? This beautiful and clean shore is one of the best in Sevan Lake. It has all the basic amenities like a picnic table, fire rings, etc.

Pitch a tent, take a boat, enjoy delicious food and just have fun with your friends and family.



5 malkhas

Enjoy Armenian Jazz at Malkhas Jazz Club

Armenian Jazz is strong and popular all over the world, names like Datevik Hovhannisyan or Tigran Hamasyan are surely known to any jazz lover.

Malkhas Jazz Club was opened in 2006 by one of the greatest Armenian jazzmen’s of all time – Levon Malkhasyan. This is a place not only for jazz veterans, but also for the next generation of the musicians. Short after its opening Malkhas Jazz Club became a significant part of the capital Yerevan, that’s why everyone considers their duty to visit the club at least once.

Stunning performances and incredible concerts will leave you energized and motivated.