Oshakan – Karmravar

Another great tour that will let you learn some more, maybe still unknown for you, pages of the Armenian history.

A trip to the village of Oshakan will interest people, who would like to know something more about the cradle of the nation’s Christian traditions. Besides being a beautiful and unbelievably peaceful place, Oshakan is also a historically important location in Armenia. Every year thousands of Christian pilgrims make their way to this place to watch and have a chance to touch its stones and sacred graves.
The village is believed to be at least 2500 years old. Archeologists found the ruins of an ancient fort by the village, which is believed to exist here in the 7-5th centuries B.C. But the main reason why visitors come here is the Saint Mesrop Mashtots Cathedral. The Cathedral has become a place where the grave of Saint Mesrop Mashtots can be found. The name of this Armenian saint is connected with the history of creation of the Armenian alphabet.

This tour will also take you to Ashtarak. This small town is known for being a place, where the ancient church of Karmravor is located. See this stone building, creation of which goes back to the 7th century. The church is devoted to Holy Mother of God.

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