Lake Sevan – Dilijan

If you want to see the largest lake in the Caucasus and one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in the world then don’t miss a tour to Lake Sevan which is situated in one of the most spectacular regions of Armenia. Its stunning landscape was shaped by volcanic eruptions and Its colors and shades change with the weather and by its own mysterious processes, from a dazzling azure to dark blue and a thousand shades in between. While in Sevan you will visit Sevanavank monastery located on peninsula to admire the great views of the vast lake which is seen better from this spot. Sevanavank Monastery was founded in 874 AD by princess Mariam and has played a crucial role in Armenian history as it has served as a place for battle. Its location and the fact that it was then completely surrounded by water made it a good strategic shelter. It is interesting to note that Armenia was under Arab rule during the construction of Sevanavank and for this reason there were many religious disputes, in which the monastery played an important role.

Come to Dilijan to discover how Armenian Switzerland looks like. Dilijan is known for its forest landscapes, rich biodiversity, medicinal mineral water springs as well as for its natural and cultural monuments. During the soviet times it was a peaceful retreat for cinematographers, composers, artists and writers as there is enough natural beauty to inspire creative thought. High in the woody mountains you will find the monastic complex Hagartsin built in the 12th century. Traditionally, an eagle was soaring over the dome of the main building at its dedication and thus it became commonly known as the monastery of the playing (or soaring) eagle (“Hagh” means a game while “Artsiv” means eagle in Armenian). The image of this proud and strong bird can often be seen on the walls of Hagartsin. When Sharjah’s  Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi made a fortuitous visit to  Haghartsin he was so caught with the beauty of the monastery that donated money for its reconstruction. You will end up your tour by visiting another medieval monastery called Goshavank dedicated to one of the most prominent figures in the history of Armenia – Mkhitar Gosh who was a scholar, writer, public figure, thinker and a priest.


Distance 1-3 person 4-8 person 9-15 person
280 km 40 000 AMD 50 000 AMD 80 000 AMD



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