Kakheti – Telavi – Tsinandali – Kvareli

Being the main wine producer of Georgia, Kakheti is an ideal place for wine lovers․ It offers several marvelous places of interest to its visitors.

Telavi is the capital of the Kakheti district from the ancient times and is a town with great scenic beauty. From most of Telavi, the Caucasian range that runs to Alazani valley can be seen. There are wonderful cafes and restaurants to visit and have a great dinner.

Tsinandali is a village in Kakheti noted for the manorial estate of the Georgian noble house of Chavchavadze. Located 104 miles away from Tbilisi, Tsinandali is open for people of different interests and tastes. There you can walk in the 19th century cellar while drinking wine made in 21th century and enjoy their unique collection of approximately 16,500 wine bottles from different countries.

Kvareli, located in Kakheti region 130km from Tbilisi and 40km from Telavi,  is a small city off on the forested slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. It’s  a charming town- place which can perfectly describe Caucasus and all what tourists like about Georgia: Gremi and Nekresi churches on the mountain slopes with nice forests and amazing views, wineries including Khareba winery, 2 artificial lakes at the edge of mountains and surrounded by forests.



Distance 1-3 person 4-8 person 9-15 person
340 km 390 GEL 430 GEL 440 GEL

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