The two monastic complexes represent the highest flowering of Armenian religious architecture, whose unique style developed from a blending of elements of Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture and the traditional vernacular architecture of the Caucasian region. Both of these Monasteries are situated nearby and both are part of UNESCO world heritage. Haghpat has an atmosphere and architectural splendor in abundance and the views around the canyon are what make this place even more special. Founded around 976 by Queen Khosrovanu Haghpat monastery was the largest centre of science with rich collection of manuscripts. It had the premises for the library manuscripts copying, refectories and universities. Moss-covered Sanahin is a fascinatingly detailed church and monastery complex packed with ancient graves, darkened chapels and medieval schools. The name Sanahin means “older than that” evoking that it is older than the nearby Haghpat monastery.



Distance 1-3 person 4-8 person 9-15 person
540 km 49 000 AMD 61 000 AMD 100 000 AMD



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