Haghpat – Sanahin – Dsegh

The monastery of Haghpat situated in the Tumanian region of Armenia once was a big center of education and religious life. The complex was built in the 10-13th centuries and was an important place that attracted not only pilgrims, but also educated people from other regions and provinces of Armenia.

Being bright monuments of original Armenian architecture, Haghpat and neighboring Sanahin monasteries are included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sanahin is a remarkable place, where tourists can see over 50 so called khachkars, which are stone steles with engraved Christian crosses on them. These khachkars are made with decorative elements on them and represent the artistic side of the Armenian cultural heritage.

The third major stop on this tour will be made in a village of Dsegh. The settlement was founded on the bank of the Debed River. All true fans of picturesque sceneries and country life will be amazed by the natural beauty of these places. Quiet and gorgeous river together with a breathtakingly beautiful river valley will be a perfect end of this interesting and relaxing tour.

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