Everybody knows that Armenia is an ancient country, rich in a big number of historical monuments. Also, it is a region with phenomenally picturesque nature, that is why tourists come here to have rest, to acquire new strength and to improve their health. However, admirers of active and extreme tourism will also like this country, since it offers excellent opportunities for them.

Extreme tours to Armenia are becoming more and more popular. Particularly desirable are such directions as mountain climbing and rock climbing, because there are perfect conditions for these sports due to abundance of rocky massifs and mountains.
Both beginners and professionals come here. Such directions of mountain climbing as trekking and hiking are particularly popular here, as well as they do not require special training. For professionals there are challenging mountain routes, such as Khustup and Aragats. Lovers of rock climbing can amuse themselves by climbing on the rocks Dzhokhi Dzor and Noravank.
Armenia is also popular between fans of extreme flying. Starting with the second half of summer and till the middle of autumn, paragliding very common. You will find great enjoyment in extreme flights in the most picturesque places of Armenia, full of bright colors.


Even beginners can get great impressions from such flights. There are safe and comfortable conditions created for them: flights are operated by experienced professional trainers, so all you should do is only to enjoy the flight. If you like jumping with parachute, you can also easily go to Armenia – this sport is also very popular there.
Armenia invites those who practice high-altitude diving as well. Lake Sevan is the best for this kind of sport. For beginners, instructors services are offered.


Ski resort Tsakhkadzor invites lovers of skiing and snowboarding.