Aruch – Marmarashen – Gyumri – Harichavank

The monastery complex of Aruch is located near the same-named village at the western side of Mount Aragats. This area is about 50 km away from the capital city of Yerevan. Aruch Cathedral is one of the most fascinating and beautiful religious monuments in Armenia. The village was founded in the 6th century starting from a camp of the royal army. In the 7th century this town became a capital of Armenia. Back then it wasn’t just a fortress, but a beautiful and comfortable city that became a residence and had a number of cultural and religious constructions.

This tour will take you further to the Marmarashen monastery. And one more time this architectural monument reminds us about Armenia’s rich and interesting culture. The Village of Marmarashen, by which the monastery is located, is in Shirak district. The main church building was constructed a thousand years ago, although there are no written documents on the construction period of two other churches. However, archeologists believe, they were constructed in the 11th century, too.

You will also see the country’s second largest city of Gyumri and will have an opportunity to visit Harichavank monastery.

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