6 best things to do in Armenia this spring

Each season in Armenia has its own beauty, and spring is not an exception. It is the time of the year when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of bright colours of blooming flowers all around. Furthermore, Armenia comes alive in springtime with plenty of amazing events. Here are 6 best things to enjoy in Armenia this spring!


1. Enjoy the beauty of blossoming trees

If you want to explore Armenian nature with all its diversity and beauty, then spring is the best season for this. These amazing spring days, when it is getting warm, nature awakes from its long winter sleep, and everything is blooming. The trees are painted with different shades of white, pink and purple flowers, which later develop into juicy and rich in flavour fruits and berries.



2. Pick up snowdrops in mountains

Spring is especially beautiful in the highest mountains of Armenia. The slopes covered with colourful carpets of snowdrops afford the most scenic and panoramic view, that can be enjoyed only in this period of the year. Feel at one with nature by hiking the towering Aragats and Ajdahak mountains and picking up a bouquet of snowdrops!

3. Engage in extreme sports
Spring is the right time to engage in extreme sports and tourism. Armenia is full of things to try, including off road driving, paragliding, ziplining, bungee jumping, hot air balloon riding and so on. Don’t miss the chance to visit Yell Extreme Park, which is located in the heart of the astonishing Yenoqavan mountains and is a real paradise for those who want to combine adrenaline and eco environment. This perfect combination presents a new way to experience the beauty of Armenia.




4. Celebrate Easter
If you plan a trip during April, you will have a chance to celebrate one of the most important Christian holiday in our country – Easter, which is also known as Surb Zatik – according to Armenian customs and unique traditions. During the 40 day period leading up to Easter is the Lent, which is a reflection and preparation before the celebration. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities. The main celebrations include painting boiled eggs in red color, which symbolizes the color of Jesus’s blood. Also, Armenians cook rice with raisins, a cake with white flavoring, make fried fish, etc.



5. Visit Yerevan Wine Days
If you happen to visit Yerevan in May, then you should not miss the opportunity to attend Yerevan Wine Days. It is an annual event gathering the true wine lovers on one of the most colourful part of the city ( Saryan Street, Pushkin-Moskovyan crossroad ). The two-day event features Armenian wine tasting with complimentary appetizers and cheese selections from local restaurants. Yerevan Wine Days has become a favorite event not only for locals, but it also attracts thousands of visitors from around the world, including international food bloggers and enogastronomic tourists.

6. Attend the exhibition “Dali and Picasso
This spring Yerevan will host an incredible event for art lovers. 260 masterpieces of two Spanish geniuses – Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, will be displayed in the National Gallery of Armenia from March 7 through April 26. This unique collection from Russian collector and philanthropist Alexander Shadrin’s property is the fourth largest globally and includes the world’s most prominent collection of Dalí sculpture and an extensive compilation of Picasso ceramics. Be sure to pay a visit to this remarkable exhibition during your journey in Armenian capital this spring!