Why Travel to Armenia in July?

Summer has always been the best time for traveling. But why July is the proper time to visit one of the gems in the Caucasus? The bright, sweltering climate is ideal for summer excitements, among which is the well-known water celebration named Vardavar. You can likewise pick visits that include hikes and excursions to the countryside. So, let’s figure out what brings you to Armenia in July.


Why should you pick July for traveling?

July is a sunny and hot time, which means the most loved time for traveling to the wide open places for seeing and feeling magnificent nature. The assortment of goals and spots to visit is very expansive: it tends to be mineral springs and waterfalls of Jermuk and Arzni, cool timberland territories of Dilijan or comfortable rest zones in Aghveran. Roughly, in mid-July, the high temperature is best for shores of Sevan, when the water of the mountain lake is at last heating up to an agreeable 18-20 degrees. What’s more, you can generally consolidate farmland trip with cooperation in outings and touring.


What is interesting in Yerevan in July?

Summertime is perfect for charming excitement. During the day you and your companions can go to the Yerevan water parks, swim, chill, sit in the shade of trees or go to many water attractions. The best time for strolling around the city is at night. You can stroll along the Northern Avenue, investigate the charming trinket shops of Vernissage, and later enjoy the bright show of singing fountains in the Republic Square.


What should you taste in Armenia in July?

The radiant taste of Armenian organic products is one of the most brilliant recollections that visitors divert from here. July is an extraordinary time to appreciate the majority of regular organic products. As it is pretty hot, it is time to taste fruits that Armenia is rich in. You can try apricots – one of the national fruits of Armenia – in the main portion of the month. Discover ready cherry, just as nectarines and peaches during a similar time of July. Sweet, succulent watermelons and melons in July are sold all over the place and are very shoddy.


What holidays and events are prominent in July?

In July the annual Golden Apricot Film Festival takes place. This is a huge scale and critical occasion, which is certainly worth visiting. Another occasion is watermelon celebration that is held at the Swan Lake in the center of Yerevan on July 14. Go there with your kids to enjoy watermelons, and, obviously, healthily eat ready organic products.


Besides, the most loved summer occasion in Armenia – Vardavar – happens in July. During that day both old and young pour water on one another. No matter what, everyone participates in Vardavar, in light of the fact that it is accepted that the water in Vardavar brings wellbeing and prosperity for an entire year ahead.


A lot of things matter while traveling to Armenia especially in July. So, go ahead and plan your trip to Armenia right away!